Spicy exotic Turkey stew

Veal with mustard and cabbage

Beef Goulash

Milanese Scallops

Chicken with garlic and lemon

Chicken sauté with coriander sauce

Chicken cook in salt crust

Chicken legs with sesame seeds

Beef Tartar

Turkey's Filet Rolls

Chicken with curry

Steak with "Roquette"

Rabbit with mustard

Curry Lamb Stew

Veal's Osso Bucco

Roasted Veal


Latvian Meatballs

Blaquette of Veal

Beef style Burgundy

Chili con carne

Steak with mashed carrots

Duck's filet orange sauce

Roast beef with crunchy onions

Pig's filet in cream sauce


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