Fish and Seafood


  Salt Cod, maitre d'hotel Sauce

Salmon with Cream-Dill sauce

Cod fish with asparagus
and bechamel sauce

Sardines filling with cottage cheese

Crispy Tuna triangles

Mediterranean Fish

Japanese Maki

Fish Soup

Japanese Sushi

Trout with almonds

Mussels style "Poulette"

Salmon's Tartar

Oysters with shallot sauce

Red Mullet Saffron sauce

Cauliflower Cappuccino
with fresh Oysters

Smoked Salmon Rolls

Tuna Tartar

La Poutine

Salmon with cream

Japanese California Rolls

Daurade in the salt crust

Mussels style "Marinière"

Sea hedgehogs

Mackerel Fish

Coalfish with holland sauce

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